Classes Going On at D.O.G. of Jax

  Weekly Classes Going on:       

Intro to Flyball    Monday evenings  Learn the proper techniques on this sport. Owner’s of Jumpin’ Jax Flyball team teach the course. 6 weeks long. $120 7:00pm Currently starting new classes. Contact us for more information.

Beginning Basic Obedience Monday evening 7pm  6 week course, $150, limited space. Here is “where the dogs’ send their owners to be trained” Learn the proper techniques to teach Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walk nicely on a leash, Place and not charging through the doors.

Conformation Handling Class  Tuesday evenings- 7:30pm & Thursdays 1pm
Here is the only place in Jacksonville when you can practice your show dogs for the upcoming shows in air conditioning!
This is a drop in class, $10 dog. Dogs must be current on shots.

Beginning Basic Obedience Group Classes Wednesday Evenings- Next one Starting Jan 31st, 2018 at 6:30pm 
6 week course, $150, limited space. Here is “where the dogs’ send their owners to be trained” Learn the proper techniques to teach Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walk nicely on a leash, Place and not charging through the doors.

Puppy socialization class Thursday  Jan 25th Evenings-6:30pm This is for puppies under 6 months of age, needing socialization. We will work on some Basic obedience like Sit, Come, Down, wait at the door, place. But mostly just having fun and bonding time. This is a great confidence building class! 6 week course Cost $110

Rally Obedience  Starting 2/13/18 Tuesday 11am daytime $85 for 6 weeks or $15 per dog drop in per class. Novice, Advanced & Excellent courses set up. Run troughs for experienced handlers or you will learn the rules and regulations on performing a Rally Obedience course in competition with AKC sports.

AKC Trick Dog Training Class-Friday evenings 7pm Jan 5th (Full-Sold out)
Learn how to properly teach your dog tricks! AKC is offering new titles for Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate, Advanced and Performer titles.
6 week classes, $110 Testing on 6th week. Stay tuned for next date…..

Beginning Basic Obedience Group Classes Monday Feb 19th at 7pm 
6 week course, $150, limited space. Here is “where the dogs’ send their owners to be trained”  Learn the proper techniques to teach Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walk nicely on a leash, Place and not charging through the doors.

Beginning Basic Obedience Group Classes Wednesday Evenings- Next one Starting March 21st, 2018 at 6:30pm 
6 week course, $150, limited space. Here is “where the dogs’ send their owners to be trained” Learn the proper techniques to teach Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walk nicely on a leash, Place and not charging through the doors.

Intermediate Obedience Group Classes

Monday evening March 21st 7:30-8:30pm next set after the basic. Learning attention, head up heeling, intro to off leash, distraction games, sit & Down stays, much more to list. 6 weeks $110

Ongoing classes include:

Private Lessons        3 package program $300, 5 package program $450, 8 package program, $700

Board & Trains Available   (Boot Camp) 2 weeks $1500, 4 weeks $2800, 6 weeks $4000

Refresher Board & Trains 10 days  Reinforcing commands already taught, fine tuning, boot camp style. $1200

Puppy Boot Camp   14 Day $1500 Potty training, Crate training, Building that great foundation for you to continue their training with No jumping, Wait at the Door, Walk nicely on a leash, Sit, Down, Come, Place. They learn self control & boundaries. What is right, and what is wrong.

Remote Collar trainingwe specialize in e collar technologies and Dogtra brands. We can help you with your dog and your collar you bought also.

K9 Fitness & Rehabilitation Classes

K9 Fit Club of Jax  We have some exciting classes coming up. Please stay tuned for a new and exciting launch! Your going to like this one! Starting in April 2018!

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Upcoming Seminars

“Trade Secrets of a Dog Pro”

(a seminar for the new puppy buyer)

1 Day Only!  Cost $200

Anne Baxter with Dog Obedience Group of Jax will be giving you so much information!

You will learn potty training, crate training, nutrition, exercise, puppy training, correcting bad habits, first aid, grooming, traveling with your puppy and much more!

Putting it all together, Stay Tuned! Date to be announced soon!

February 2nd-4th, 2018 (FULL Sold out)

Blake Rodriguez


Perfect for experienced dog trainers interested in addressing behavior problems, or looking to achieve better success with their client’s long-term results.  This is also perfect for the everyday dog owner and novice dog trainer looking to develop a non-limiting style/approach to dog training in the pet dog industry.  This two-day seminar put on by Blake Rodriguez, came into existence after Blake opened up his two floor training facility in New York City (Manhattan). Realizing that there was a missing link in what Blake typically saw in training offered (and training that he was offering), he began to focus on an approach that would not only yield results in everyday real world situations, but also focus on breaking down the route to getting there so that anyone could achieve similar results.

This seminar offers an approach to dog training focused on creating clear communication, understanding what can serve as a form of communication, and using this to strengthen the bond/relationship between human and dog.  It’s an approach so carefully thought out, that it attracts not only people struggling with their dogs behavior (severe issues or mild), but as a result attracts many new dog owners and people with happy go lucky dogs and puppies.

This seminar focuses on understanding the importance of the basics, building an early foundation (ideal for new dog/puppy owners), in order for both you and the dog to be prepared for when more challenging situations arise.

In short this seminar focuses on building languages between you and your dog and getting yourselves fluent in them, so that they can help both human and dog in everyday situations and challenges that may arise (both big and small).

Achieving real world obedience is the perfect blend of understanding the science behind dog behavior, while maintaining a practical, common sense approach that allows people to realize that dog training is not rocket science.  It covers everyday essentials that Blake feels is key to helping to prevent major behavior problems from occurring, while also putting us in a position to address behavior problems with success!  This seminar will teach you how to study/train as a lifestyle (instead of extra time out of your day) in order to be ready to pass the test that everyday life throws at you and your dog.

This seminar will cover but is not limited to:

  • Understanding all quadrants of operant conditioning and how to effectively use them
  • Understanding the value of a reinforcement based foundation and how to build from it instead of plateau at a certain point.
  • Classical conditioning and its role in real world dog training.
  • Leash pressure communication
  • Marker/clicker training
  • Everyday commonly uses tools (pros & cons)
  • Praise/reward/affection/unintentional reinforcement
  • Off leash reliability, recall
  • Socialization/coexistence/exposure, understanding what they are and how to benefit from them.
  • Remote collar, e-collar application (for fun foundation and advanced behavior issues).
  • Basic commands such as: Sit, down, place, Here, Let’s go and out.
  • Correction/Direction differences and similarities
  • Addressing behavior issues vs dealing with them (if you have a problem we will work with you/dog)
  • Teaching your dog how to be included in everyday life
  • Relationship development and enrichment that allows

December 9th & 10th, 2017 (Full, Sold out)

Gary Wilkes

Broad Band Click & Treat® Training Seminar

This seminar will introduce you to real clicker training – the first practical and humane application of operant conditioning for dogs, from its creator. You will gain first-hand knowledge of how to shape and control behaviors with precision and maintain great performance. You will also learn how to stop behaviors on a dime. No, this isn’t that namby-pamby “all-treats” stuff. You will learn to use the full spectrum of behavioral tools at your disposal.
Rather than a simplistic single-minded view, Gary Wilkes provides a balanced and broad perspective on controlling your dog’s behavior. From competitive obedience to working dogs, dogs with neurological disorders or just dealing with a rowdy pet, this information will sharpen and polish your knowledge of dog behavior and allow you to realize your dog’s full potential. Come to this hands-on seminar and find out how to use the solutions from one discipline to solve problems in another. Broad Band Click & Treat® Training will show you how to teach accurate and reliable behaviors without losing your dog’s spirit.

Gary Wilkes has more than 35 years working with animals – 8 in the humane industry in every capacity other than executive director. He has worked for the last 30 years as a behaviorist and trainer working with everything from dogs with neurological disorders, serious aggression and especially top performance working and competition dogs. Gary created clicker training for dogs between 1987-1992. When Gary and Karen Pryor introduced clicker training to dog trainers, he had already clicker trained more than 1,000 dogs, primarily by veterinary referral. Now that number is around 7,500 plus and growing. His consultant list includes MIT, The Seeing Eye, US Army Special Ops Dog Training Command, search and rescue groups, service dog training schools and many others. His focus is always on top-level performance with working and competition dogs. He has years more experience using clicker training at the highest levels of difficulty than anyone else. If he makes a definitive statement it’s the result of direct experience over many years with many dogs. i.e. It’s not speculation. You can take it to the bank.

¨ The Basis of Learning — Connecting Behaviors to Consequences: The purpose of the clicker is to create precise connections between well-defined behaviors and predictable consequences. This simple but powerful tool can dramatically improve your ability to control your dog’s performance.

¨ Strategies for Building New Behaviors – Getting the Behavior to Happen: Unlike theoretical images of operant conditioning, clicker training takes a proactive view of creating new behaviors. Learning to use free-standing and moving targets will allow you to rapidly develop behaviors, rather than waiting around for something to happen.

¨ Commands and Signals — How to attach commands to behaviors: Perhaps the weakest link in most behavioral control is the development of cues that consistently trigger acceptable behavior. The basic principles that govern commands and signals are quickly learned and easily applied. Learning to offer your dog consistent patterns will rapidly improve his responsiveness to your requests.

¨ Controlling Behavioral Variability — Repeat vs. Variable, the essence of learning vs. performance: Modern education focuses almost exclusively on learning to repeat patterns. Teaching new behaviors requires an animal to intentionally deviate, over a series of repetitions. These functionally opposite tasks must be integrated into your training program or rapid learning and consistent performance cannot coexist. Learning to control how behaviors remain the same and when they are supposed to change is the key to a powerful clicker training program.

¨ Building a dependable repertoire — Integrating new behaviors into a dog’s current bag of tricks: When you have created a new behavior, such as “down,” you will invariably get more of it than you want. If you ask for “sit,” you will most likely get “down”. Ask for “roll over” and you’ll still get “down.” Ask for an aspirin, you will once again get “down”, “down” and more “down.” Dogs are certainly not one-trick ponies, but they are more accurately styled as “new trick” ponies who tend to offer the behavior that has been reinforced most heavily, most recently. A proper knowledge of clicker training includes taking all the behaviors in a dog’s repertoire and creating a balance that allows you to get the behavior you want, when you want it.

¨ Troubleshooting and maintenance — Polishing behavior to make it stick and fixing it when it breaks: Using primarily positive reinforcement allows for deviation. Over time, any behavior will start to fluctuate, wander, decay or entirely disappear. Depending on the type of behavior, your strategy for repairing it may not be as simple as merely repeating your original shaping techniques. Appreciating how to repair and maintain behavior is as important as creating the behaviors in the first place and an integral part of behavioral control.

¨ Teaching Reliable Inhibitions: This seminar will include a logical and rational discussion of the use of aversive control in dog training and behavior modification and how to do it safely, effectively and humanely.

¨ Controlling Behavior Problems: Gary Wilkes has spent more than 25 years defining, refining and perfecting practical applications in settings as diverse as Delta Force War dogs, animals with neurological disorders and thousands of pet dogs with one foot three feet in a shelter and barely staying in the home. Bring your case histories and it’s all fair game.