Dog Obedience Group Classes

We teach you how to show your dog in conformation! Instructors have many many years experience.

Group Classes

Puppy Socialization Classes


This is a 6 week group class geared towards socialization for your puppy. Ages are from 16 weeks until 6 months depending breed size. This is a great foundation class. They will learn fun games with a reward based system that has proven to work over years and years experience! Evening classes available. 

Home Manners & Basic Obedience Group Classes


This is a 6 week class geared towards both puppies and older dogs. Ages 6 months and older. This is where it all starts! Learning the basics as in loose leash walking, sit, down, come, wait at the door, place command and much much more! We use a reward based system and turn our training into games! Our manners classes is geared towards the family who needs help with loose leash walking, counter surfing, jumping, things naughty puppies do! This is the first of 3 basic classes. We offer after Home Manners, Basic, Basic Intermediate, Basic Advanced. 

Competition Group Classes


Intermediate, Advanced & All Levels of Rally Obedience. These all are 6 week classes for dogs who have gone through any of the Basic classes. This is the next step! We teach in a real world training for distraction and positioning. Starting off leash and teaching some fun advanced commands. 

Trick Dog Classes


This is a 4 week Group Class. Learn how to do fun tricks with your dog and earn an AKC Title! They will learn tricks like High Five, Sit Pretty, Cross your paws, Say your prayers, Pick up your leash and much much more!

Pawsome K9 Fitness Class


This is one fun class! Do you have a couch potato? Is the raining and your pup is driving you crazy? Come work your dog out! We teach Treadmill conditioning, caveletti's, log roll, backing up into handstand, peanuts and other equipment to work out on!

AKC Scent Work


Intro to Scent work

Advanced Scent work